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How far is Green Pepper from the beaches?

Green Pepper is situated about 1.5 km from Long Beach and Relax Bay, on a quiet street just off one of the roads crossing the island sometimes called Elephant Road or Thanon Pan Sai.

To stay with us comfortably, it is recommended that you are able or willing to ride a scooter. We can help you with the rental. Prices are usually around 200 baht per day. It is also possible to rent a car.

Our location is very central if you have transportation as it will take less than 5 minutes to get to the beaches, restaurants, 7-11 and the the busy areas around Long Beach and Relax Bay. 

It is also possible to get a taxi or tuk tuk. To the closest beaches the price is about 100 baht pp. By foot it is about 20 minutes, so not so much recommended in the heat and humidity of Thailand, although it is possible and some of our guests get around by foot. 

What is the difference between high season and low season?

Our island is subject to two tourist seasons: the high season from November to April and the low season from May to October. In general the seasons correspond with the best weather conditions, although, the weather in low season can be amazing and the weather in high season can sometimes be very disappointing.

In high season everything, such as hotels, restaurants, trips, excursions are always open and usually charge a premium price. The sea on the west coast is calm and clear and snorkeling is at its best. In low season some places close down, prices drop tremendously, especially for accommodation and the sea can be rough and beaches less appealing as underwater currents bring trash onto the coast.

Regardless of the seasons, Green Pepper guests always have a great time on the island, as our place is always quiet, green and beautiful and our hospitality outstanding. We always share our insiders tips of where to go, what to do and where to eat. So please don't hesitate and book your stay with us!

How to get here?

There are a few ways to get here depending on where you are arriving from. Basically you are either arriving to the island by car or by ferry. If you arrive by ferry, you will have to look for a taxi. Taxis are plentiful and should cost about 100 baht pp, or 200-300 baht for the ride. If you arrive by minivan, the minivan should be able to bring you all the way to our place. A few days before arrival, it would be great if you could let us know what time you plan to arrive, and if you need any assistance getting here. We are happy to provide information, or arrange a private taxi from the airport or the pier.

How is the weather on Koh Lanta?

In general Koh Lanta has 3 seasons; a dry season from November to February, a hot season from March to April and a rainy season from May to October. But it is not as black and white as the names would imply.

In general, throughout the year the weather is hot and humid. In rainy season you will find many beautiful days when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. In the dry season, you may have very stormy rainy days. It is very difficult to predict the weather here even from today to tomorrow.

The forecasts are not helpful at all, as they always show storms and rain, even when the sky is blue and our guests are on amazing island trips.

‘Don’t worry, be happy’ is the key to island life. If you come with a positive and easy-going attitude, you will have a great time for sure.

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